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Introduction: The corona disease epidemic and quarantine have had different effects on the social and psychological aspects of individuals. The aim of this research was to study the relationship between the anxiety and the social cohesion that caused by Coronavirus with mental health in Teheran.
Method: For this purpose, a sample of 618 men and women adults evaluated by GHQ-12 Inventory, Corona Disease Anxiety Scale (Alipour, 2020), and social cohesion (based on wellbeing questionnaire of Keys and Shapiro, 2004) through online recall and via social network. To analyze the data, Pearson correlation coefficient and regression analysis was used. Results: The results showed anxiety and social cohesion that caused by Coronavirus had meaningful statistical correlation with mental health. Also mental health could be predicted positively by social cohesion, negatively by anxiety.
Conclusion: These results indicated the positive and negative psychological and social effects of quarantine, and had practical implications in the development of crisis interventions at the time of the Corona disease outbreak.